Public Procurement
  • Our specialized legal team has for its clients successfully completed several hundreds of tender procedures worth tens of billions of Czech crowns
  • In the area of public procurement, we provide comprehensive legal services including, in particular, elaboration of analyses, evaluation and setting of appropriate concepts for resolving particular projects, including identification and evaluation of potential risks from the point of view of Czech law, EU legislation and decision-making practice of the Office for the Protection of Competition and the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • We also provide services consisting in the administration of tender procedures, including the preparation of all necessary contract documentation, legal audits (due diligence) of such procedures, representation of clients in proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition or courts as well as training and methodology in the field of public procurement
  • We gladly participate in the implementation of new trends in the field of public procurement – e.g. evaluation in relation to the Best Value Approach method, implementation of construction public contracts on the basis of FIDIC  terms and conditions, introduction of new procurement systems (e.g. reference or pilot contracting system) or institutes (e.g. vendor bonus enabling), etc.
  • We provide support in the field of electronic tender procedures and central purchasing.
Concessions, PPP Projects
  • As a result of our long-term experience and expertise, we are able to provide the most extensive legal support to the contracting entities
  • Our legal support related to concessions and PPP projects particularly includes the preparation of concepts and analyses of suitable models for implementation of PPP projects (including concession projects), preparation of concession documentation or comprehensive execution of a tender (concession) procedure itself, e.g. infrastructural projects.
State Aid
  • State aid supplements the agenda in the area of public investments
  • We provide services consisting in advisory and consultancy activities related to state aid or related services of general economic interest (SGEI), counsel on appropriate solutions, including preparation of relevant documentation in accordance with the EU rules; we are also able to represent our clients during meetings and proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition or the European Commission or other EU institutions.
  • For this specific field, we have a team of experienced experts who have long-term practical expertise in this particular area
  • Our legal services include comprehensive solutions of legal issues connected with the acquisition of software and hardware as well as management and maintenance of extensive computer networks, implementation of software applications, development and operation of data centers, complete or partial outsourcing of ICT with regard to other legal aspects (e.g. labor law, protection of intellectual property with a focus on copyright, etc.), legal advice regarding protection of personal data and services related to the operation of data boxes.
Energy Sector
  • We further specialize in consultancy concerning energy savings and renewable energy resources
  • In conjunction with permanent technically specialized partners we have helped contracting authorities with the realization of several EPC projects (energy services with contract-guaranteed savings) aimed at improving energy efficiency, within which clients are provided with comprehensive professional advice in the form of both technical and legal support.
Operating Contracts in Water Management
  • The issue of operating contracts in water management represents a specific agenda, which is related to many sectors;
  • The essence of our services consists in modification of existing contracts as well as the preparation of new operating contracts between the owners of water management infrastructure (municipalities, municipal corporations) and the operators of such infrastructure, so that the contracts may fulfil the requirements of the best international practice. This is one of the fundamental conditions for the drawing of financial resources for renewal of this infrastructure from the Cohesion Fund and the Operational Programme Environment
  • In this area, we cooperate with certified economic and technical advisers; therefore, we are able to offer comprehensive services in the water management sector.
Transport Accessibility
  • The provision of transport accessibility combines the issues of public procurement, public support, or services of general economic interest and the transport law;
  • MT Legal provides counselling on public bus and rail transport and thanks to experienced partners it is competent to offer comprehensive services in the technical and economic fields; in this segment the firm has successfully supported dozens of projects to ensure transport services worth tens of billions CZK.
Corporate Law and Law of Obligations
  • Our legal assistance in this area includes all matters related to corporate law, from the selection of a suitable type of company and the founding thereof to comprehensive management of corporate matters and liquidation of companies
  • In relation to matters concerning law of obligations, we provide comprehensive advice on domestic and international transactions, stemming from the proposal of an optimal contractual structure, negotiation and preparation of contract documentation to legal services to assistance in ensuring the compliance with the obligations of the contracting parties
  • We provide full legal coverage regarding the new Civil Code.
Mining Law and Environmental Law
  • Legal consulting in the area of quarrying (the Mining Act, the Act on Mining Activities, the Geological Act, the Act on Mining Waste)
  • Legal consultancy on environmental law (e.g. the Act on Protection of Nature and Landscape) and associated legislation (e.g. EIA procedures)
  • Legal representation of our clients in judicial and administrative proceedings regarding the protection and use of mineral resources (e.g. in connection with exploration and searching for mineral deposits)
  • Legal analyses in mining law, environmental law and adherent areas of administrative law.

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